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  • WOMEN’S DEVELOPMENT CELL: It is a special cell to inculcate self-reliance, boldness and confidence in girl students, so that, they can march shoulder to shoulder with their male counter parts.
  • DLLE: The Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension has been recognized as a department to promote meaningful and sustained rapport between colleges and communities.
  • ALUMNI ASSOCIATION: The ex-student Association has been set up to provide a platform for mutual inter-face among the past and present students of the college. To utilize the expertise and experiences of the ex-students for the upliftment of the performance of the College and to guide the present students to achieve their goals in a better way.
  • NATIONAL CADET CORPS (NCC): The College has been allowed to raise a NCC unit for boys attached to the 01 st Maharashtra Battalion NCC Army Wing. It has a strength of One Part-Time Commissioned Officer and 60 Cadets. The NCC training imparted to the cadets during regular parades which are held on Sundays and in the various camps held during the year. The Cadets are prepared for the "B" and "C" certificate examinations. Students who desire to enroll for the NCC should contact the NCC officer.
  • NATIONAL SOCIAL SERVICE (NSS):To encourage students to play a larger and more active role in the society, the college provides the NSS scheme at both the Degree and Junior College level. Students who desire to join the scheme should contact the NSS officer. This extra institutional service is available free-of-charge to the students.
  • STUDENT’S GRIEVANCE CELL:It has been set up to create a harmonious environment by redressing the grievances of the students concerned with academic and other related matters.
  • CAREER GUIDANCE AND PLACEMENT CELL: It provides an opportunity to students to seek new openings after completing their College education and help them in moulding their career and placement.
  • STUDENT’S COUNSELING CELL:Counseling is done by professionals who look after the welfare of the students by helping them to cope with stress and developing confidence among them to overcome and face highs and lows of the life.
  • STUDENT’S COUNCIL:It consists of student representatives who look after and promote the productive involvement of the students in the day to day activities of the college.
  • Mahila Takrar Nivaran Samiti This cell was constituted by State Government, and made mandatory in all organizations, public as well as private sector, when there was a demanding need to protect women folk against crime done to them in work-place.
  • Sahiba Dance Academy Our College has collaborated with Sahiba Dance Academy for training our students in different dance forms