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Individual Achievements of N.C.C Cadets (June 2015 - August 2016)

N.C.C cadets of Rizvi College have regularlyand successfully participated in Physically and mentally highly demanding national level camps (competitions) like TSC (ThalSena Camp), RDC (Republic Day Camp) etc. Though this in itself an achievement, someendured to achieved greater goals.

Sushant Sail, a second year cadet of Rizvi college was the sole cadet from Mumbai selected to Maharashtra Kabbaddi team in N.C.C National Games, Delhi in August 2015. The Maharashtra team won silver medal in the competition.

TusharTavandkar, a third year cadet and S.Y.B.COM student of Rizvi College, competed with the cadets of 01.Maharashtra.Battalion and won gold medal in obstacle race at ThalSena Camp (TSC), Nashik in July 2016. He was selected through thetraining and elimination rounds of the first three camps of the series of back to back camps (each of 12 days duration) that leads to prestigious national level competition in Delhi in the September, 2016.

Khan Kaif, a second year cadet and S.Y.J.C. science student of Rizvi College, at the time of writing this article, has already made it through the training and elimination rounds of the first five camps and is currently being trained in the sixth camp of the series of camps that cumulates to competing in the prestigious national level competition in Delhi in September, 2016.

Care-taker office of N.C.C Unit, Rizvi College, would like to thank respected Principal, Dr. M. Z. Farooqui and Vice-Principal,Dr.AnjumAra for supporting and encouraging N.C.C, Ex. A.N.O Ashok Singh for guidance post retirement from N.C.C.

All the efforts, support, encouragement and guidance put in by the college will eventually be of no significance without the spirited, diligent and persistent efforts put in by the cadets of our N.C.C. unit. They rightfully deserve the greatest appreciation.

Thank You.

Rajesh S. Gowda
C.T.O, N.C.C. Unit
Rizvi College of Arts Science and Commerce