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Date: 4th October 2021

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do you will never cease to grow."

Baby steps to reopen the college

The lockdown is over long ago. Government and experts believe that kids should return to school / colleges or else it will be too late to bridge the learning gaps. Experts are stressing that schools/ colleges are not super spreaders and children are losing valuable time at a critical period in their lives with their mental emotional and educational development at stake.

Government has stressed to reopen the school/ colleges from 4th October 2021 following the proper protocol. The Management & the Principal of Rizvi college of A/S/C made it sure to follow the SOPs issued by the BMC that include the sanitization of the entire premise , consent letter from parents ,social distancing and wearing mask. Children are quite happy to return to college after about a gap of 18 months. On the first day the attendance of students was 66%. Teachers are helping students to recover the confidence and spiral back from where many of them are in terms of their abilities to learn .This must be a long process over the years to compensate for the acute neglect they have been subjected to. Blessed to welcome our students back to the college .This is truly a historic and blissful moment....Hope every step taken now will take us on a fruitful journey ..Stay safe and Healthy ..